De Bie Mirjana


To go with an organization isn’t necessarily as we imagine. A lot of people assume than volunteering is synonymous with humanitarian but, actually, it has nothing to do with it. Re-join an association on the spot is a given opportunity to/for build-ing something unique in a particular place during a special time. This time can takes place during a camp (two or three weeks) or a middle/long term (between one month and more than one year). The action taken can be related to a domain such as research or environment but also combine different themes.
I chose to go to Kyrgyzstan because I had the wish to discover Central Asia. This territory is particularly little-known, that’s why it seemed preferred to me. We all know many facts about

the History told by these sculptures, legends recount the origin of surrounding spots as Jeti Oguz scarlet canyons or Issyk Kul, the second largest lake in the world. What is the most known concerning Kyrgyzstan is nomadism, symbolized by the yurt than we find, stylized, on Kyrgyzstan flag. As a former URSS country, borderer to China, this territory is furthermore at the junction of different cultures, as evidenced by the eighty ethnies cohabiting there. Thus, human diversity is crowned by a nature which has the incommensurable merit to didn’t be buried by asphalt and the grace to still be stridden by thousands of stallions.  many cultures but this one is untold without lawful excuse. However, like every culture, it has a real interest. Some of its characteristics attracted me first as the omnipresence of a wild and virgin nature, but it’s unnecessary to add than a vast number of others came after them and than each day 


constitutes a new sum of learnings and discoveries. The nature I thought about before arriving is f

ar from what makes my days in Karakol. This town is, for example, full of parks where tall firs are the case of colossal statues. Beyond

Stay in Kyrgyzstan with Leadership allows me to share the local life of Karakol’s inhabitants. It’s a singular experience which doesn’t consist in daily 

move in the country, as in other ways of travelling, because it gives an anchoring ; it brings something more than a simple spaces crossing. Nevertheless, I can also travel in these regions where, even Yann-Arthus Bertrand went because isn’t he the one who lists the places sacred by beauty?

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