Santi-Nana France 

Santi-Nana: This volunteering experience will remain a very positive memory and the beautiful encounters I really appreciated the welcome I received at the level of the association and to be able to meet the children in their place of life and the center which welcomes them. It was for me a beautiful experience of life and a beautiful enriching sharing. While I was thinking of joining a group of foreign volunteers, I ended up being the only foreigner to participate in the project, so I worked with young volunteers from the country, which I really appreciated. I really felt immersed in the local culture and I was also impressed by the youth of the volunteers who got involved from an early age. My presence time was accompanied by the association from my arrival to my departure, I particularly thank Diana who was a real benchmark for me. At each event or organization I was offered to participate which allowed me to seize several opportunities, thanks also to Nastya for that and to the whole team of the association. As far as working with children is concerned, the team gives us the space to be able to propose and animate the activities, which is great because that is also why we come, however it is true that he is not necessarily obvious to communicate and animate with children when you do not speak the language of san1the country but it was not a big constraint because I was able to be supported by my local volunteer colleagues who were able to help me in the translation. the center is used to carrying out certain activities that the children like. it is just as interesting to bring new ideas as to discover their daily life and what they are used to doing. this is a real sharing. The person in charge of the center also facilitates our integration and is open to any project idea, we feel that she is really happy to welcome volunteers which facilitates our work together. it was also a great meeting, I have a lot of respect and admiration for this woman who knew how to build this honorable project for the children of Karakol.

I was welcomed in two different families exceptionally since one of them had to go on a trip which was all the more enriching for me I appreciate the fact of being able to know two ways of life in two different locations. I was able to have an English-speaking contact person in each of the families, which facilitated the exchange. I was very well received throughout my stay and I greatly appreciated the hospitality and humility of the inhabitants of this country.

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