History of Youth Volunteer Organization "Leadership"



Молодёжная волонтёрская организация «Лидерство»

History of Youth Volunteer Organization "Leadership" 


Youth Volunteer Organization "Leadership" is a non-governmental organization that brings together youth initiatives. Since 1998, on November 1, 2005, the NGO “Leader” to carry out its activities Centre of volunteering, November 1, 2005, was registered as a Youth Volunteer Organization “Leadership”. The organization is based on the principles of democracy and humanism, general availability, priority of general human values, human life and health, love of nature. The Organization has about 15 active volunteers who help in the management of the 3  programs: 

1. "A school for democracy and leadership", which aims to teach the principles and skills for sustainable leadership, successful communication, basic principles of democracy and expanding the horizons of young people;

Международный волонтерский обмен


2. "International volunteer Exchange" to increase activity and participation of young people in social life, skills of work in international team, expanding horizons, enabling cross-cultural exchange, development of tolerance and promote volontërskogo movements; 



3. "Children helping children", which aims to increase the participation of children with disabilities, children, orphans, children at risk in public life and interaction with others through teaching basic skills of communication and give important information to their development and integration into society.



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