Mission of the organization

Mission of the organization

Youth Volunteer Organization Leadership is a non-profit organization bringing together young volunteers with the mission of involving youth in civil society through volunteerism, project design and cooperation both locally and internationally. Leadership was founded on November 1, 2005 as a youth volunteer organization under the auspices of the Public Association Leader, a centre of civic society initiatives. Leadership has 6 people as the staff and roughly 20 local youth volunteers and operates three programs:

Mission of the organization: Involving of youth in process of civil society building and development through trainings, realization of projects, programs and propagation of volunteerism ideas by interaction and cooperation with international and local volunteer organizations. YVO “Leadership” has three main programs: International Volunteer Exchange Program, Kids Helping Kids, School of Civics.

1.The International Volunteer Exchange invites international volunteers to participate alongside local volunteers and organizations in service projects. This program has enabled Leadership to participate in Technical Meetings in Belgium in 2006 and in Turkey in 2007; host 14 local work camps from 2006 to 2012 with about 54 international, 12 Peace Corps and more than 70 local volunteers; send 10 volunteers to international work camps abroad; and accept 27 international volunteers for the mid and long term volunteer program in Kyrgyzstan.

Goal of Work Camps:

To promote the volunteer movement in Kyrgyzstan through local and international work camp exchanges. 

The program encourages youth to play an active role in varied social spheres, to developan appreciation for international cooperative teamwork, to enrich outlooks, and to provide the opportunity of intercultural exchange.

 Program activities are threefold:

  • International Volunteer Work CampsLocal volunteers visit camps in Europe & Asia.
  • Local Work Camps – Leadership hosts local work camps with international participants.
  • Mid and Long-Term Volunteer Exchanges – Local non-governmental organizations in need of professional exchange involve international volunteers in their activities.

2.Kids Helping Kids Local volunteers administer the third program, Kids Helping Kids, to encourage greater interaction with orphans and disabled children. The Kids Helping Kids program started in the summer of 1998. At that time volunteers of Leader and Peace Corps took the leading role in helping children to be a part of society. Since then, more than 28 summer camps, 70 monthly events, 12 New Year’s Days performances, meetings with kids and work with parents have been conducted. More than 80 children with disabilities have participated and about 100 international and local volunteers attracted. Many of them are already adults and have become leaders of youth and have full lives with their own families.

3.The School of Civics focuses on youth education and their involvement within the community. Within the program young people are encouraged to work in implementing social projects that benefits both the community and youth. Within the program various training sessions are held regularly for young people from the age of 14 to 25/ Training sessions on “Volunteerism”, “Leadership”, “Community”, “Civics and human rights”, “Career and professional development”, “ Writing project proposals”
List of projects implemented by YVO “Leadership”:

1)"School for Democracy and Leadership" - Democracy Commission of the U.S. Embassy, 2004;
2) "Info plus" – Microcredit Association "Kumtor", 2006;
3) "Child slavery ... What is it?" - International Organization for Migration, 2007;
4. "The League of Young Leaders" - The World Bank, 2007;
5) "Academy of Emerging Democratic Education" - Democracy Commission of the U.S. Embassy, 2007;
6)“Building bridges" trainings in schools and orphanages for the acquisition of life skills - the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan, 2008;
7) "Creating a single web space for NGOs in Karakol" - Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan, 2008;
Eight. "We are all equal" – Soros Foundation, 2009;
9) Mini - project "Caravan-Young Kyrgyzstan" -, 2009;
10) "Youth Mountain Club» U.S. Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan in 2010;
11) "Youth Parliamentary" Soros Foundation 2010-2011;
12) Work camp "Green World" Soros Foundation 2011;

13) “For Future well-being” Soros Foundation 2011;

14) Mini campaign “Be my angel” 2011;

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