Is Karakol just a city?

Is Karakol just a city? What do patterned porches, end faces of log cabins, profile carving of platbands and painted paneled shutters store in themselves?

Learn more about the city you live in or you love to visit! What streets you walk on and whose houses you pass by.
We are a working group on the initiative "Preservation of the Architectural and Historical Image of the Karakol City" launching fundraising for the renovation of one of the few preserved buildings built in the end of the XIX century in Karakol.

You cannot make people take care of their heritage - you can make them get interested in preserving their history.
Therefore, together with the Issyk-Kul Oblast State Archives, we have prepared for you a series of long-reads to tell you about the culture, people and architecture of Karakol. By sharing this post, you will contribute to draw attention to the heritage of our city!
Is it interesting for you? Here we go! Our stories for your attention:


People of the city Karakol -


Karakol- architectural heritage -

Karakol yesterday and today -

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