Marie Bennigsen Belgium

I had an incredible and amazing experience with both Leadership and Eco Trek. Both Organisation have welcomed me from the first day as part of the team.
With Leadership I had the chance to give french class, participate in activities with young volunteers... It was a great occasion to be in contact with local population, especially the youth. I really appreciate the work of Leadership, what they do for the young people of Karakol but also for the city. I wish I could participate more in their activities but it is always difficult when you come for a short time. I believe also I could have proposed more initiatives although Leadership has a lot of activities already going on. My only regret was not to have done enough to help :)
With Eco Trek, it was really interesting to see the other side of treks. Seeing it not as a tourist but as organiser. It gave me the occasion to better understand the role of porters, guides, cooks, to understand their work, expectations... I had the chance to see a bit of the country and that was really nice. I believe that if I was more physically prepared, I could have gone to more treks and I believe that for future volunteers that wants to do more trek, Eco Trek could be a great partner.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time as volunteer in Karakol and Leadership is a great partner with a lot of ideas to implement. Any volunteers would be happy to collaborate with such organisation. They could learn a lot from them.

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