LSM–08 Children’s Family Ak - Bulun 18+

 Location Ak-Bulun village

About Children's Family / Orphanage in Ak-Bulun village:
Meerim Bulagy Orphanage is located in Issyk-Kul Oblast, in Ak-Bulun village. Family Orphanageis a governmental property and currently cares 15 children, aged 4 to 18. Children speak Kyrgyz language and study at secondary schools in the village. The children have many opportunities to participate in different kinds of activities at the orphanage such as dressmaking class, drawing and dancing classes, and sport clubs, computer club. The orphanage staff is 18. They have good experience working with international volunteers. Each year they host up to 3-4 international guests.

Mission:Organize children’s leisure time through conducting games, sport competitions, dance classes, and English

language lessons.
Participate in daily orphanage activities and spend leisure time with the children.

Note: We welcome all volunteers who are enthusiastic, creative and motivated to work with orphan children. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the camp or at the accommodation venues. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with children.

The volunteer will live with a local family, which will provide the volunteer with their own room and all the necessary conveniences. You will join your host-family for breakfast and dinner; lunch will be provided at the office together with other members of Children's Family

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