Yuki Hong Kong.

YukiTom Sawyer Festival 2019

Hello, this is Yuki, from Hong Kong.
This year, 2019, is the 150 years anniversary forKarakol Kyrgyzstan, as one of the check point for tourist in Kyrgyzstan, the citizen decided to decorate the town and to preserve the architectural and historical appearance of the town by restored the historical building.
Being a volunteer, I stayed two weeks at Karakol and participated the program “Tom Sawyer Fest”, assisted them to do the renovation for one of the building “Weight House”.
During this period, I’m happy got to know a lot of nice people, volunteers from Japan, Italy, Sweden and the Local citizen, they are all friendly, lovely and willing to share me their special experience in their journey.

Except the renovation works, I have the pleasure to assist another local functions, such as a day camp at the Issyk-kul.
Furthermore, they arranged me a lot of activities in leisure, language class, hiking, mini-concert, cultural dinner, visit the museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral, especially to the famous viewpoint, Lake tour at the Issyk-kul, the broken hearts and the seven bulls rocks…etc.
Being one of the volunteers to assist and involve the celebration, I’m, in fact, learn much more from this work camp. I’m very happy in joining this festival and very much enjoyed my stay, 

Karakol, without doubt, is a beautiful place, I have not enough time to know you all, but still want to know you more!

Yuki Cheung / Hong Kong
June 2019

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