Work Camp  “Hand in Hand” 

Kyrgyzstan volunteering 

LS–12 Hand in Hand DISA/KIDS/TEACHING 10 VOLs 17+ 

June 27 – July 10

 Location  Przhevalsky Bay.

About “Hand in Hand”
The Karakol branch of Centre "Hand in Hand" was opened in 2018. It is located 15 km from Karakol on Przhevalsky Bay. Children can spend full days at the centre. The purpose of the Society of Parents of Children with Autism is to provide consultations and legal, informational, organizational, methodological, and material support to children with autism and their families. They aim for social integration of kids with autism and lobby to protect the rights and legitimate interests of people living with autism, to ensure an equal footing with other citizens. The basic principles of the Centre’s activities are equality, protecting human rights and involving parents. In fact, the bulk of the centre’s employees are mothers of children who visit it. These women are highly motivated to improve the lives of their children.

Volunteer’s Role: You will be able to work in the following sphere of activities:

  •  Participate in organization of various activities/programs (music, photography, art etc.) with handicapped people including children and the elderly
  •  Hold development activities
  •  Take part in meetings with disabled children’s parents
  •  Have skills to work with mentally and disables kids

Project goals:

  •  Organize children’s leisure time through conducting games, sport competitions, dance classes.
  •  Participate in daily kinder garden activities and spend leisure time with the children.
  •  Work: During the project, volunteers will participate in organization of various activities/programs (music, photography, art etc.) with handicapped people including children and the elderly.

Weekend Excursion: On the weekend volunteers will have an opportunity to visit Karakol town and see its sightseeing. Another option would be to hike up to the nearby AltynArashan health resort where you can enjoy natural hot springs. For more information about the above locations and Kyrgyzstan please visit or
Meeting point: Karakol, Office of Leadership, 138 Lenin St. (cross road: Koenkozova St). Travel cost from the airport to the meeting point is not reimbursed. Extra assistance with travel can be provided upon request.
Language: English, there will be a camp-leader who will interpret and help in all ways of communication.
Accommodation: Volunteers will live with a nearby host family. Volunteers can bring their sleeping bags and mats for excursions.
Food: Cooking will be done by a host family, volunteers can join and help the host family. For the weekend excursion, volunteers are requested to take a personal plate and utensil set for the trek, cooking will be done as a group.
Note: Volunteers psychologists, therapists are welcome. The work is aimed at working with children and supporting children during classes.
You are expected to have past experience with volunteer work, working as a part of a team.
Participation fee: 180 Euro should be paid upon arrival. The participation fee covers accommodation, food, transportation, recreation and organizational costs.

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Contact Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


138 Lenin Street

Karakol, Issyk-Kul 722200


+ [996] 555 837225 (Anastasiia)

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