Work Camp  “Tom Sawyer Fest”  

Kyrgyzstan volunteering

LS–13  Tom Sawyer Fest RENO/FEST “Renovation”  17+

July 27 – August 05

 Location Karakol

 Work Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, Karakol

Work Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, KarakolAbout Tom Sawyer Fest. Now the global urban development planned positive trend to preserve the scale and harmonious silhouette of the historical part of town where prohibited any point construction or reconstruction of an old building without preserving its pristine appearance.
"Tom Sawyer Fest" - the first festival in Karakol, which is dedicated to the restoration of the historical environment, namely, the construction of a specific building belonging to the 19th century "Weight House". By international and local volunteers at the expense of sponsors.
Recreation of the "Weight House" with local and international volunteers is a big step towards preserving the architectural and historical appearance of the city.

Project goals:

  •  restoration of the historical environment of the city by volunteers
  •  popularization of historical heritage and its preservation among foreign tourist and locals.
  •  to increase town’s attractiveness for the foreign tourist and locals, show it’s richness of the culture and nationalities
  •  to create and promote town’s branding and identity

Work Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, KarakolWork Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, KarakolWork Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, Karakol

Work:Volunteers will work on the construction of the "Weight House", assembling and building it from wooden and carved parts, which will be previously prepared by the foreman.
Weekend Excursion:On the weekend volunteers will have opportunity to swim in the lake “Issyk-Kul” and visit historical sights SaymaluuTash and RukhOrdo. For more information about the above locations and Kyrgyzstan please visit or

Work Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, KarakolWork Camp   Tom Sawyer Fest Kyrgyzstan, Karakol

Meeting point: Karakol, Office of Leadership, 138 Lenin St. (cross road: Koenkozova St). Travel cost from the airport to the meeting point is not reimbursed. Extra assistance with travel can be provided upon request.
Language: English, there will be a camp-leader who will interpret and help in all ways of communication.
Accommodation:Volunteers will live in the hostel.


Food: Cooking will be done by a hostel.

Group:Mixed, composed of approximately 5+ international, 2 United States Peace Corps volunteers and 2 local volunteers. Volunteers will manage working hours and free time activities with the camp leaders. Decisions will be made based on discussions with the whole group. Local residents who wish to be involved will be welcome.

Insurance:Volunteers should come with their own health and accident insurance.

Bring: A more detailed packing list will be sent after applying, a basic list includes: own medicine, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, raingear, warm clothes, comfortable shoes for hiking, a swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent (much of the time will be spent on the lake shore), a torch/flashlight, your national recipes, music, songs, games, energy and a good mood!

Participation fee: 180 Euro should be paid upon arrival. The participation fee covers accommodation, food, transportation, recreation and organizational costs.

Contact Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


138 Lenin Street

Karakol, Issyk-Kul 722200


+ [996] 555 837225 (Anastasiia)

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