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July 28 – August 10

 Location  Teplokluchenka village

About Inclusive kindergarten KiyalKechter: Inclusive kindergarten is located in Issyk-Kul Oblast, in Teplokluchenko village,Kyrgyzstan. The creation of a stable base to support children with disabilities and their families in all areas of life. In the organization are conducted classes before school program individually with each child, as well as educational classes and clubs by interests (origami, sewing, painting, etc.). Children speak Kyrgyz and Russian languages. They have good experience working with international volunteers. Each year they host up to 3-4 international guests.

The Inclusive kindergarten Kiyal Kechter realize activities in several directions:
1. To providing rehabilitation services to children with disabilities;
2. Access to education;
3. To engaging and activating parental initiatives;
4. To reducing stigma and the involvement of children with disabilities in the activities of the local community.

Project goals:

  •  Organize children’s leisure time through conducting games, sport competitions, dance classes, and English language lessons.
  •  Participate in daily kinder garden activities and spend leisure time with the children.

Work: During the project, volunteers will conduct English trainings, various games, and sporting events with children in their leisure time. Volunteers with children will also organize basic environment trainings.
Weekend Excursion: On the weekend volunteers will have an opportunity to visit Karakol town and see its sightseeing. Another option would be to hike up to the nearby Altyn Arashan health resort where you can enjoy natural hot springs. For more information about the above locations and Kyrgyzstan please visit or

Meeting point: Karakol, Office of Leadership, 138 Lenin St. (cross road: Koenkozova St). Travel cost from the airport to the meeting point is not reimbursed. Extra assistance with travel can be provided upon request.

Location: The camp will be held in Teplokluchenka village, about 20 minutes from Karakol.

Language: English, there will be a camp-leader who will interpret and help in all ways of communication.

Accommodation: Volunteers will live with a nearby host family. Volunteers can bring their sleeping bags and mats for excursions.

Food: Cooking will be done by a host family, volunteers can join and help the host family. For the weekend excursion, volunteers are requested to take a personal plate and utensil set for the trek, cooking will be done as a group.

Group: Mixed, composed of international volunteers and 1 camp leader, and local volunteers; orphanage kids are not official members of the volunteer team, but play an integral role in the project. Participants will manage the working hours and free time activities with the local camp leaders. Decisions will be made through group discussion.

Note: We welcome all volunteers who are enthusiastic, creative and motivated to work with orphan children. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the camp or at the accommodation venues. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with children.

Insurance:Volunteers should come with their own health and accident insurance.

Bring: A more detailed packing list will be sent after applying, a basic list includes: own medicine, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, raingear, warm clothes, comfortable shoes for hiking, a swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent (much of the time will be spent on the lake shore), a torch/flashlight, your national recipes, music, songs, games, energy and a good mood!

Participation fee: 180 Euro should be paid upon arrival. The participation fee covers accommodation, food, transportation, recreation and organizational costs.

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Contact Information

Please contact us if you wish to receive any further information.

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138 Lenin Street

Karakol, Issyk-Kul 722200


+ [996] 555 837225 (Anastasiia)

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